Robot de Cocina Multifunción con Voz, Programable 24h. 5 Litros (10 Comensales). 4 Menús y 8 Programas Automáticos

• Capacity of 5 liters, for 10 guests. • Programming with clock 24 hours to have the food ready when you indicate. • Preconfigured menus: soup, rice, pasta and dessert. • Function: iron, stew, steam, fry, slow fire, heat, reheat and 180º oven • Includes: grill / grilling accessory, nonstick dish, steam accessory, measuring cup, spatula, ladle and...
Price €59.83

Fregona Giratoria 360º de Acero Inoxidable y Microfibra con Dispensador de Jabón y Válvula para facilitar el Vaciado del Cubo

High-power 360º rotating system that effectively eliminates water. Ultra-absorbent microfiber mop, rinsed in a single pass and dries quickly. Includes 2 multi-function mops: wet allows to wash, scrub floors and remove stains; dry allows to dry surfaces or remove dust. Double centrifuge system integrated in the bucket (without pedal), allows to rinse and...
Price €24.94