Fregona Giratoria 360º de Acero Inoxidable y Microfibra con Dispensador de Jabón y Válvula para facilitar el Vaciado del Cubo

High-power 360º rotating system that effectively eliminates water.

Ultra-absorbent microfiber mop, rinsed in a single pass and dries quickly. Includes 2 multi-function mops: wet allows to wash, scrub floors and remove stains; dry allows to dry surfaces or remove dust.

Double centrifuge system integrated in the bucket (without pedal), allows to rinse and drain the mop effortlessly, simultaneously.

Drainer or stainless steel centrifuge rotor.

Inertial system (without pedal), just push the handle down, the mop rotates and removes excess water. This reduces the load on the hands and back and avoids efforts.

VAT included

Get a professional cleaning in dry and wet thanks to the microfibre mop and stainless steel Novohogar with 360 ° rotation that absorbs in a single pass.

The bucket includes an anti-drip detergent dispenser and has a built-in anti-splash system, preventing dirty water from splashing out of the bucket while rotating. It also has a drain valve on the side that allows the bucket to be emptied comfortably.

It has a stainless steel handle adjustable 180 °, allows cleaning in places of difficult access, such as under furniture. It includes a locking system. In addition, it can be separated into two parts for easy storage.

Hygienic: The washing disc prevents the contact of hands with dirty water and ensures maximum hygiene. You can wash the microfibre mops at 60º. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners.

Ecological: use less water, reduce its loss saving consumption.


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