Horno Freidora Dietética de 5L. Sistema de Convección de Aire Caliente 1000W. Fríe y Hornea con solo un Producto y Poco Aceite

• Integrates functions: fry, bake, gratin, toast, roast, thaw quickly, dry and sterilize.

• Includes accessories: special bucket to maintain the anti-adherence of the bucket, grid basket to comfortably fry food, holder for the lid and recipe book.

• Cook evenly without burning the food, getting a crunchy finish on the outside and tender inside.

• The integrated "hot air convection" system breaks down fatty tissues and allows you to cook with very little oil. Low power consumption and cooking in less time than the average of conventional ovens.

• IMPORTANT: To fry the food you have to carry the rack basket.


VAT included

The CF dietetic fryer with oven function is your best ally to make healthy and delicious dishes in your diet.

Get a healthy diet: its integrated "hot air convection" system breaks down fatty tissues and allows you to cook more quickly and with very little oil. The meat browns in a short time, keeping the juices inside and favoring the expulsion of fats. This favors the lowering of cholesterol in meats.

The circulation of hot air also helps in the baking of cakes and breads, achieving unique finishes.

Cook uniformly without burning food, retaining all its properties and natural flavor. Get crispy finishes on the outside and tender inside.

Multifunctional Thanks to its wide temperature range, you can cook different types of recipes, such as roasts, fried low fat, grilled, etc.

It has a handle avoids burns, to facilitate the transport and the opening of the fryer when it is hot.

It does not entail any installation costs and can even be transported and stored.

It does not produce fumes and is very easy to use, you just have to program the time, the temperature and add the food.

Thanks to its non-stick bowl, food does not stick and is very easy to clean.

Saving time and energy. The device heats by convection, conduction and penetration at the same time. Thanks to its circular heat element together with the internal ventilation system, the heat is distributed in all directions uniformly.

Its glass lid allows you to see the state of food without having to open it, thus keeping the temperature and the accumulated heat, saving energy.

Due to the high efficiency of hot air circulation, the cooking time and energy consumed are minimized, saving electricity up to 20% compared to other conventional ovens.

The dietary fryer includes accessories to complete the cooking process and make the most of it, as well as the instruction manual and the recipe book.

Capacity: 5L. Power: 1000W. Thermostat: 65ºC-250ºC. Timer: 0-60 min.


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