Robot de Cocina Multifunción con Voz, Programable 24h. 5 Litros (10 Comensales). 4 Menús y 8 Programas Automáticos

• Capacity of 5 liters, for 10 guests.

• Programming with clock 24 hours to have the food ready when you indicate.

• Preconfigured menus: soup, rice, pasta and dessert.

• Function: iron, stew, steam, fry, slow fire, heat, reheat and 180º oven

• Includes: grill / grilling accessory, nonstick dish, steam accessory, measuring cup, spatula, ladle and recipe book with 200 recipes.

VAT included

· Capacity of 5 liters for 10 diners!

· Voice system, guide the user and indicate each action

· Programmable with clock 24 hours. Just enter the ingredients, select the menu and time to eat.

· Cook automatically without the need to be present.

· Housing with stainless steel structure.

· Adjustable in cooking time and temperature level, from 60º to 180º

· Non-stick bucket.

· Heating system, heat sources wrap the bucket and distribute it evenly.

· Preconfigured menus: soup, rice, pasta and dessert

· 8 different ways to enjoy your meal, so you can cook all kinds of recipes; baked, roasted, stews, griddled, fried, stir-fried, steamed, simmered, soups, pasta, rice and traditional dishes.

· Led screen

· Keeps the food warm once the cooking process is finished until the moment of serving.

· Easy to clean inside and out.

Technical data

· Measures: 42x28x31cm

· Weight: 5.8 kg

· Power: 220-240 v, 50 Hz

· Power: 1100- 1200 W


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